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Battle of Messines (1917)

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts to A collection of Anglo-Saxon law-codes and related texts. The manuscript has been given various dates from the late eleventh century through to the second quarter of the twelfth century.

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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Extreme storms and storm surges may induce major changes along sandy barrier coastlines, potentially causing substantial environmental and economic damage.

We show that the most destructive storm the AD storm documented for the northern Wadden Sea within the last thousand years both caused permanent barrier breaching and initiated accumulation of up to several metres of marine sand. Our results demonstrate that millennial-scale storms can induce large-scale and long-term changes on barrier coastlines and shorefaces and that coastal changes assumed to take place over centuries or even millennia may occur in association with and be triggered by a single extreme storm event.

Coastal changes related to extreme storms are predominantly caused by wave and current driven processes in interaction with the strength and duration of the storm surge 1 and by post-storm recovery 2 , 3 , 4. Several studies have investigated the effects of storms on coastal geomorphology 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , establishing that storms exert a significant degree of control on short-term coastal evolution 4 , 14 , The scale of storm-related coastal changes has been documented mostly through shore profile measurements, comparison of topographic and bathymetric data, photogrammetry and more recently, using ground penetrating radar or high density LiDAR data 12 , 16 , 17 , 18 , Despite numerous investigations concerning the effects of storms on sandy barrier coastlines, no studies have identified or quantitatively documented coastline and shoreface changes caused by a single historic thousand-year storm event.

Such information is essential for evaluating the long-term effects of episodic erosion and deposition caused by extreme storms in shallow coastal environments and for improving coastal management. Documenting the effects of major storm events is also critical to the interpretation of ancient sedimentary deposits.


Red and blue colouration of thermoluminescence from natural quartz sands. Quartz extracts, from a pegmatite rock, volcanic ashes and beach sands , were exposed to X-rays or gamma-rays upto 8. The irradiated sands were observed through a thermoluminescence colour image technique abbreviated to TLCI by the authors using highly sensitive colour photographic system.

The quartz sands from volcanic ash layers, containing..

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Reproduced with permission of 7 Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law The structure of an international sale of goods differs from a local sale in ways which will affect traders’ decisions about which law to choose as the governing law of their contract. The buyer’s bank notifies the seller’s bank of the line of credit and the seller, after shipping the goods, presents the bill of lading and other required documents to his bank for payment The seller’s bank presents the documents to the buyer’s bank for reimbursement and the buyer’s bank turns over the documents to the buyer so that the buyer can obtain the goods from the carrier.

In a documentary transaction, the buyer has paid for the goods before receiving them. Because the buyer must pay for the goods before he can inspect them, the buyer can demand that a third party in the seller’s country inspect the goods and that the seller include a certificate of inspection with the documents of sale. In a letter of credit transaction, the buyer has paid for goods without personally inspecting them.

Susanne Herold, Christin Becker, Karen M. Ridge, G.R. Scott Budinger is probably the most advanced compound to date and is currently in phase III trials [​

The present invention has reference to centrifugal pumps, and more particularly to such pumps intended for moving liquids containing solid matter, especially when such matter is of a gritty nature. The object of the invention is to improve the construction and arrangement of centrifugal pumps in several particulars whereby they are better adapted to ban le mixtures of solid and liquid, are pro ted against wear thereby, and their repair d adjustment is facilitated.

To this end the invention consists in th combination with the pump proper of a novel suction. The invention is illustrated panying drawings in which Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a complete centrifugal pump constructed according to the invention. F1 2 is a sec-‘ tional view on theline 22 Fig. Said suction chamber is surmounted by a feed hopper a into which the material to be pumped is fed by such means as a launder b. The suction chamber is as indicated formed with plane walls and is lined internally with renewable lining plates or slabs w of any desired material.

It will be understood that a suction chamber as described is more accessible, insures greater safety to the impeller and is more readily -rfiitted when worn, than’the usual suctionpipe. The impeller d which may be of any ordinary or convenient type is mounted upon the spindle f. Said spindle passes, on the suction chamber side, through a combined spindle bearing and cover m, which is bolted externally to the outer wall of the suction chamber and extends in the form of a sleeve m up to the impeller thereby shielding the spindle from the flowing material.

On the opposite side of the impeller the spindle is supported in a bearing p formed in cover p of the lateral door through which access is had to the impeller; said bearing being kept clean, similarly to bearing m by means of water injected through pipe 39 i Spindle f is connected to the pulley or motor shaft 7 by means of a novel coupling: consisting 0 an internally conical socket it formed or secured rigidly upon shaft 9: a.

Where Is Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina?

This spreading centre was active for about 12 Ma and was abandoned about 6. The aim of this study is to understand the tectonic and petrological implications of the ridge jump for the spreading centre and to gain insights into the processes in its melting column. Bathymetric swath mapping of a part of the Galapagos Rise revealed an elongated structure with a NNE-SSW strike direction which is bounded by a large fracture zone in the north.

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Battle of Vimy Ridge

Adoption : Date of partial entry into force: Date of partial entry into force: GBRR Amends the Statistics Employment Survey Order of by requiring that in the statistics to be collected by the Government Statistician the number of hours of work completed by both weekly and monthly paid employees shall be recorded as well as the age of the employees. Factories Inspection Regulations L. Empowers inspectors to enter, inspect and examine factories when they have reasonable cause to believe that explosives or highly inflammable materials are stored or used therein.

In such a case inspectors may also request documents and require that any person they find in a factory give them information.

ARCHAROLOGICAL SITES AND MONUMENTS RECORD. 1 SITE CODE 28 EXCAVATION (EXCAVATOR DATE: EXTENT QUALITY and vary in size from 4 by 3 m to 9 by 4 m. is a grassed-over, sub-oval enclosure on a rige.

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Exhibit Walmart shall provide notification to MoneyGram to the extent that there are any changes to the Agent Locations such as through store closures or openings. Walmart will conduct its money transmission activities strictly in accordance with any applicable compliance guidelines issued pursuant to Applicable Law.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was part of the Battle of Arras, in the Nord-Pas-de-​Calais region of Date, 9–12 April ( – ) The ridge rises gradually on its western side and drops more quickly on the At approximately 7 km ( mi) in length and culminating at an elevation of m (​ ft) or 60 m.

The main combatants were the four divisions of the Canadian Corps in the First Army , against three divisions of the German 6th Army. The battle took place from 9 to 12 April at the beginning of the Battle of Arras, the first attack of the Nivelle Offensive , which was intended to attract German reserves from the French, before their attempt at a decisive offensive on the Aisne and the Chemin des Dames ridge further south. The Canadian Corps were to capture the German-held high ground of Vimy Ridge, an escarpment on the northern flank of the Arras front.

Supported by a creeping barrage , the Canadian Corps captured most of the ridge during the first day of the attack. The final objective, a fortified knoll located outside the village of Givenchy-en-Gohelle , fell to the Canadians on 12 April. Historians attribute the success of the Canadian Corps to technical and tactical innovation, meticulous planning, powerful artillery support and extensive training, as well as the inability of the 6th Army to properly apply the new German defensive doctrine.

The battle was the first occasion when the four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force fought together and it was made a symbol of Canadian national achievement and sacrifice. A hectare acre portion of the former battleground serves as a memorial park and site of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. The ridge rises gradually on its western side and drops more quickly on the eastern side.

The ridge fell under German control in October during the Race to the Sea as the Franco-British and German forces continually attempted to outflank each other through northeastern France. The French 1st Moroccan Division managed to briefly capture the height of the ridge but was unable to hold it owing to a lack of reinforcements.

In all, the French suffered approximately , casualties in their attempts to gain control of Vimy Ridge and surrounding territory. Formal discussions for a spring offensive near Arras began, following a conference of corps commanders held at the First Army Headquarters on 21 November

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