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Love VK 36.01 H

Jump to content. Over the past few years WG has spent a lot of time slowly bumping up the power of it’s Tier VIII tanks apparently without giving any real consideration as to the effect doing so has on lower Tier tanks Whether it is Premium or not, Tier VI tanks are just way under armored and under gunned to be anything more than cannon-fodder for Tier VIII tanks and please, don’t anyone give me that crap about not knowing how to play them. That’s just BS. A medium or heavy tier six tank should not be relegated to being a scout; that’s a light tank’s job.

H, the penetration of which is unfortunately woefully inadequate at tier VI. Fully upgraded, the VK (P) is a good support tank with good top speed. As always, a lot depends on the matchmaker (i.e. the tier of tanks you.

Jump to content. Be nice to me.. Unpopular opinion. Community Forum Software by IP. Love VK Please log in to reply. Not as good as you, but I loved it. Great tank. It hates me and is as ugly as sin. Great little tank, is very narrow, great at sidescraping, tough mantlet, silly 50kmph top speed, fitted with an 8. Not much not to like about it, though I cannot win anything in it.

Probably my least favourite German heavy. Bought it the Football camo as punishment. I used to hate it so much but that was back when it faced IS-3 and all the other menaces emerging from tier 8.

Weak points of VK 36.01(H)

The VK The Porsche company developed the concept of a new vehicle in On March 5, , after numerous approvals, the company prepared blueprints and, in July , produced the hull from mild steel.

H, the penetration of which is unfortunately woefully inadequate at tier VI. Fully upgraded, the VK (P) is a good support tank with good top speed. As always, a lot depends on the matchmaker (i.e. the tier of tanks you.

Jump to content. So what you guys think, what should i buy, i really like german tanks but i hear that they have weak armor, everybody can penetrate them.. Does that include the VK being far more boxy than the T? When I had the VK almost everything could penetrate it, while the Stalinium T can bounce more shots. T is less accurate, although misses are less common if you aim fully but the higher pen and damage make up for that IMO. Stila86, on 26 November – PM, said:.

German tanks on average I’d say are tougher to play than Soviet ones, but well handled they can hold their ground. Also Henschel line leads to “above outstanding” E 75 and E – provided you did your homework from angling and sidescraping. Soviet IS series especially one leading to IS-7 is considered easy to handle. Not the best, but it takes special people to go terribly wrong with them. Community Forum Software by IP.

Wot vk 3601 matchmaking

Below are the in-game stats of the Tiger Some points to note are the armor values and speed that set it above the competition and allow it to get into attack positions faster. The Tiger will be out-gunned by the Soviet-counterparts, so relying on its speed and armor will be required for success. Read : Should You Buy the Tiger ? When compared to the VK

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Jump to content. Ah the VK It’s a good tank if you know how to play it. Im by far not an expert at this game and have only been playing for roughly 3 months. But as I end my grind with this tank I decided I’d be nice for a change and pass down some of my expirience with this tank. Ok so here it goes The stock gun isn’t a terrible gun, but the7,5cm Kw. K gun is better and it should be already researched from the VK It will definitely help you along the way to the next gun.

Guide to the VK 36.01 ( Not a troll this time)

Jump to content. Even worse if there is competent focus fire. Three Alpha tanks pop up, one VK is pasted. Your 3 VKs do damage to each 1s. Vale VKH. Used to be my very favourite tank now its just meh.

Tier 6 medium – VK M (premium). Tier 6 medium – Cromwell Tier 6 heavy – VK H (premium). Load 41 more images. gaming.

Contents: Tier 6 VK I loved the tank. It was one of my better performers, even though I didn’t have much games on it. Then, I learned VK Was it a good replacement WIth VK I got a lot of medals imho – for a short period of time – also by extreme misfortune I missed two radley-walters’ medals because someone stole my very last kill. It looked like that: After 30 games in VK, I already had a radley-walters and one stolen , two top guns, some snipers and a confederate, and it was semi-stock konish only.

What is the reason VK I see three main reasons.

Any advice for the VK 36.01H?

Jump to content. Lordofcaptain, on 27 November – PM, said:. Kinda useless at T7 already. The O-I’s mini turret is not a weak spot, it has pretty much the same armor as the rest on that tank frontally. If you are using the 8. Using the 7.

(Don’t forget about the Season’s tank reward: The Sturm VK (H) mit cm​) Now let’s talk Matchmaking will be flooded. 1 reply 0.

Italian autoloaders have less damage per minute than regular tanks if they use single shot at a time and have less damage per minute than an autoloader when they use their whole magazine. Same for VK New map. Did I miss? Or not? New map Greece is close to completion. We might see it in 6. There will also be 3 new maps next year. Get to know how the new Autoreloader system works. Update 6. Most importantly , players who perform below a certain criteria will have a different match making.

Brief Note of livestream for update 6. Alternate gun: 7. The new Urban map is soon to arrive in world of tanks blitz.

Meet the Tiger 131 – New Premium Tier 6 German Heavy Tank


Now WG is talking about making changes to Tier VI tanks, specifically the VK-​ P and VK H. Why? The VK P and VK H.


Need help with the VK 36.01H


Preferential Matchmaking tanks More buffs were introduced, nothing would also require them to remove the L/56 gun from the VK H.


World of Tanks – VK 36.01 H Review & Gameplay